"The darkness brings me home, rewarding me with peace"


I am waiting for you
and it is hard to be patient
in this longing and waiting
until one day you shall arrive

come and take
the suffering and disgust
come and make me
similar to you

I wish to be invisible
just like you
no-one should notice me
or speak about me either
while I am away

come and take me far away
(you said your cloak gave warmth)
and I am numb and cold
worthless among the living

the dark hideaway of your cloak gives shelter
and annihilates all things humane
no matter how filthy I am
no matter how petty I am
as it would not matter if I had a shiny,
gleaming life

you never judge any of us
even if you see and comprehend all

and you remember everything
even the unhappened

so come and make me
similar to yourself

take my desires away
set me free from the prison of my memories
let me be - just like you -
the timeless memory and the eternal forgetting itself

I would be gentle and forgiving - just like you
timeless and eternal
I want all of my fading sufferings to
lose their meaning... in you
so that I would never need
anything from this world any more
so that I would never long for anything and never hurt
let me be covered in darkness and hidden in forgetting
if only you remembered me, if only you cared for me

let me be one with you

without face
without name
without gender

let me be the gentle leader of souls

I want to be yours
and I want to be you

sweet, sweet Death