"The darkness brings me home, rewarding me with peace"

Lilies from the garden of Death

This is a small collection of the - inspired or otherwise worth-to-mention - articles and texts I had written and already translated to English. Of course, there are more stuff than this - it takes some time until I force myself to translate them to English!

Suicidology-related articles

Also appeared on the older Suicide Stories site.

Stages of the suicidal ideation process »»
Common myths on suicide »»
Attempting to understand suicidal behaviour...
Just "got the blues", or severely depressed?

Contents from R.I.P. Ana

These are from the online help-to-selfhelp guide R.I.P. Ana.

"Ana is my friend..." - The harsh reality behind the "oh-so-k3WL" Pro-Ana slogan.
It is NOT about dieting! - Definitely not. Believe me.
The symptom of one person... ...but an illness of a whole environment!
Facade and reality - These two can radically differ from each other.
Pro-Ana (Pro-Wanna) movement, online - How many times do I have to repeat it?