"The darkness brings me home, rewarding me with peace"

I am back...

10 May 2017 / Saturnine

Huhh. Haven't posted here for a long time. This site does deserve updating, and I am lazy.

I am completely nuts

14 Dec 2015 / Saturnine

I assume a sane person would never spend long hours with creating a web layout which imitates or emulates the old school sites that were "in" around 2004. A sane person would never, ever spend further hours with making the very same layout responsive.

This layout looks very outdated. It looks as if I had not known anything about modern web developing - I do enjoy kidding in this way! As a parody of intellectual snobbery - something that makes me really upset -, I often pretend to be sillier than I actually am. (Even if my real level of silliness is high enough.)

Okay. Blogging in English too.

27 Nov 2015 / Saturnine

As if I had not have anything better to do... and, as if I hadn't had two other blogsites in two other languages... here we go. Saturnine. Me blogging in English. Weeeee.

As usual - a boring day, with very little interesting stuff or happenings to blog about. Raining, mist, and no beer for today. Continued practising the evergreen Celtic Frost song "Sorrows Of The Moon" on the guitar... ehm. Now it is close to RECOGNIZEABLE, so I might not be completely hopeless when it comes to teaching myself to play the guitar.